Comune di 
Castagnole delle Lanze










The tour begins on Giovannone Square (Piazza Giovannone), where you can see the “tops” which are located in the old part of the village: the bell towers of St. Peter Church (Chiesa di San Pietro), the Beaten Church (Chiesa dei Battuti) and the Tower ( la Torre).

On the northern side of the square you can see the painting “  Madonna della Misericordia” (“Mercy Madonna”) by the  painter  Gabriella Piccato: this is a significant reinterpretation  of “Mercy Madonna”, who offers protection and a benevolent gaze on the  visitors of the old village.

Walking along via Ener Bettica( Ener Bettica street) you can see, on the right , the arcades: thirteen arcades supporting on solid columns and painted by the artist Vincenzo Piccato, whose purpose was to revive the natural, the seasons', the wineyards' and the wine's colors on the architecture .

On the left side you can see a murals by the painter Beppe Gallo with  a landscape of the village and its typical colors.


Going straight on, you will reach  Piazza Marconi (Marconi Square) with its monumental  St. Peter Church. The construction of this Ligurian-Piedmontese baroque Church began in 1681.

Inside the church you can see a single nave with some side altars, the altar with presbytery and a marble balustrade desired by the Count Carlo Giacinto Alfieri, some paintings, frescoes and a stucco and golden decoration of extraordinary beauty. The current facade dates back to the first years of the 20 th century.

Not far away, on piazza Balbo( Balbo Square) you can see the White Beaten Church (  Chiesa dei Battuti) which was built in 1668 and is today desecrated and dedicated to cultural events and art demonstrations .

The facade is light colored, decorated in stucco and presents a medallion fresco of the birth of St. John the Baptist.


On the left side of the Beaten Church you can see via Auberti(Auberti Street), with its rural homes dated back to the 18 th century. These houses are today renovated respecting their old features.

Climbing  the  stairs  on  the  left  you  reach  the   Park  of  Remembrance  (Parco  della Rimembranza), dedicated to the Fallen of the First World War. On the highest part of the Park you will find thePanoramic Tower which was built in the second half of the 19 th century by the Count Paolo Ballada di San Robert, who used it as an astronomical observatory.

From here it is possible to see wonderful 360° panorama which embraces the whole Alpine Region,  from  Monte  Rosa  to  Maritime Alps,  from  Monferrato  to  Langhe hills  and  Ligurian Apennines.

Since 2012 the Park and the tower house a museum dedicated to St. Robert Count. The visitors can discover the Count's life and the meaning of his worksthroughout his studies of high genius and precursor of modern theories: ballistics, artillery,  mechanics, hypsometry, thermodynamics, botany, entomology. The Count had also a great passion: the mountain.

Walking along via Ruscone to the small Square where the town Hall is located, you can see some eighteenth-century villas such as Villa Alfieri, which was a family property of the popular writer Vittorio Alfieri. Along the majestic bell tower of St. Peter Church you are back on piazza Marconi .
On this small old streets and squares  you can see the typical paving of the area called “sternia”, with cement and stones of Tanaro River. At the end of your tour you can visit the Bottega del vino (Wine shop), via Ener Bettica 7 (tel. 0141 877219), where you can taste the best local wines.