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Democratic engagement and civic participation 
Awareness Citizenship Twinning in Europe”
4th - 7th December 2015

The project intends to work and improve the democratic participation of the citizens on the national, local and European level, starting from the promotion of local experiences and history.

In order to achieve such an objective, the first action of the project aims at creating a program of activities in each participating city, in order to promote the existing local experiences of democratic participation. These practices will be collected in a handbook, which will be presented during the second trans-national twinning meeting (in December), together with some proposals and suggestions for a better participation of the citizens in the democratic life of the EU.

At the same time, the participating cities will be in charge of a program of initiatives aimed at bringing the local communities closer to Europe (cultural events, meetings with experts open to the population).

The project also aims at promoting meeting among people, not only during the three scheduled trans-national event, but also during the “twinning visits”: each twinned city will host a group composed by delegations from the other cities and it will propose a visit program which will allow the participants to know its tradition and economy. This will also help in re-creating the common thread of history, linking European people “united in diversity” .

Finally, some actions of the project are specifically aimed at promoting the active citizenship and participation of young people. To do this, the “friendship weeks” (cultural exchanges among young people during the summer holidays) and the actions carried out in schools are designed so that young people could elaborate their “European Manifesto for the future”, which will be delivered to politicians during the final Twinning celebration.